TubeWorks Add-In for SOLIDWORKS is designed to reduce the Pre-Production Design Time to only a few minutes.​

Extracting the required information such as bend angles and rotations from an imported part (e.g. IGS, STEP, or ParaSolid) or a native SOLIDWORKS file, for quotation or production purposes, is a time consuming task.  TubeWorks creates what you need to hit the ground running in just a few clicks.

How much is your time worth?

Watch how TubeWorks increases productivity by 2800% on a simple 3 bend imported tube into SOLIDWORKS.



The addition of TubeWorks has drastically improved the efficiency of our quotation and production processes. The ease at which data can be transferred to a drawing has saved countless valuable hours. The majority of CAD files received can be analysed for their dimensions and coordinates, and sent to a bend machine within seconds. The video tutorials and ongoing service from 3D compound proved to be extremely helpful throughout all processes. TubeWorks is also constantly looking to update and save further hours, for example the addition of the stretch and springback calculator. We welcome future updates and look forward to continuing to work with TubeWorks and 3DCompound.

Nigel Groom

Mechanical Design Engineer

TBF International

Without the introduction of TubeWorks and Nigel then Tube Bend Form would not be in the great position it is today. To be able to quickly and easily pull apart the drawings received from our customers, understand the requirements and then be able to process the work as efficiently as we now do has saved our company thousands of pounds in both quotation time and in the decrease in the amount of setting scrap. Quality has improved and customers who had previously left because of our previously slow response times have returned. The support from 3DCompound and the training have been second to none. I cannot speak too highly of the product and the company.

Ian Darby

Operations & Financial Manager

TBF International

TubeWorks has been a wonderful tool to develop and manufacture an assortment of tubes at Zeman MFG. It’s quick and easy to pick up on , it has cut the design development stage literally in half. There are so  many things I can say about how well this software works with SolidWorks and just makes everything a much simpler process. I love the fact you can change angles of bent tube to show under bent and over bent results by plugging the numbers into the CREATE TUBE feature, hands down this saves me a load of time on case studies. Thanks to all the personal in developing this add-on for SolidWorks. GREAT JOB!!

Jeremiah Sloan

Lead Machinist

ZEMAN Manufacturing