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Activity Tracker Manager for SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Apps



Activity Tracker Manager for SOLIDWORKS enables Project Managers, Engineering Managers, General Managers, and Design Managers to:

  • Monitor SOLIDWORKS usage including Idle times

  • Find out how long has been spent on a project

  • Validate contractor timesheets

  • Regardless of whether your SOLIDWORKS licenses are Stand-alone or Network.




I highly recommend 3DCompound, not only for use of the software, but also for the sales and the support I have received.


The sales and support staff have been extraordinary. They listened to the problems I was having and they resolved every issue very quickly. They also listened to some of the suggestions to improve their software and implemented them within a few days afterwards. The software itself works great. I don’t have to continually switch to the next project like most project management software requires me to do. I merely work in Solidworks and the Activity Tracker tracks the time I spend on each file as well as the time I spend on a project. Now I can show our managers how much time it took for each project to be completed. I can also show them the amount of  design time was put in and the amount of time it took to finish all the drawings.

Eventhough 3DCompound are based in the UK and I am in the US it didn’t matter, 3DCompound was always there to help out

Scott Baugh, CSWP

Senior Developer

Gryphon Environmental LLC

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